Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Too many American companies base decisions about how to source manufacturing largely on narrow financial criteria, never taking into account the potential strategic value of domestic locations. Proposals for plants are treated like any other investment proposal and subjected to strict return hurdles. Tax, regulatory, intellectual property, and political considerations may also figure heavily in the conversation. But executives, viewing manufacturing mainly as a cost center, give short shrift to the impact that outsourcing or offshoring it may have on a company’s capacity to innovate. Indeed, most don’t consider manufacturing to be part of a company’s innovation system at all.

ACE Metal Crafts  Surpasses Outsourcing Stigma

ACE Metal Crafts Surpasses Outsourcing Stigma

When one is presented with change, many begin to feel a sense of insecurity. When a company decides to invoke change, that precise sensation can be overwhelming for its employees.  This apprehension rippled through ACE Metal Crafts (ACE) when its executives partnered with Toyota to enhance the company’s lead time and production methods.

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