American Made Men’s Clothing and Accessories

American Made Men’s Clothing and Accessories

WASHINGTON ALLEY is a one-stop-shop for American made men’s clothing and accessories. We are passionate about sharing our brand and other brands that align with our lifestyle and values. The goal is to put all of the best and most unique American made products on one website. Giving our customers the confidence that WASHINGTON ALLEY will only offer them American made products that align with the highest of product values. 

We began this journey in 2015 with 1 brand and 1 product… we now have dozens of brands and hundreds of products, all MADE IN USA! Our plan is to continue to find unique and custom handmade products for our customers and to grow our own brand as much as possible.



Washington Alley Pants,  American Made Men's Clothing and Accessories                                     Washington Alley Wallets, American Made Men's Clothing and Accessories

Washington Alley Outdoor, American Made Men's Clothing and Accessories                                     Washington Alley Bags, American Made Men's Clothing and Accessories

Every single one of our brands and products tells a powerful story. From handmade belts in Maine, bags manufactured in Minnesota, to grooming products made in Detroit. Our products have a heritage that stretches across this entire country. They are manifestations of entrepreneurs from all walks of life, with one common thread, they are Americans. Unlike our competition, we are able to tell you the first and last name of the person that made your product.

We want people to start putting thought into their purchases. Buy for quality, buy to simplify, and buy to minimize your life. Stop wasting your weekends at the mall, buying what everyone else already has, buy something of quality that is unique and made with pride in the USA. American manufacturing is very much alive.


Washington Alley, American Made Men's Clothing and Accessories

Washington Alley Collections

Accessories | Belts, Bracelets, Flasks, Hats, Keychains, Pets, Notebooks, Wallets and Watchstraps

Tops | T-Shirts, Long Sleeve and Jackets

Bottoms | Canvas Pants, Chinos, Denim and Shorts

Bags | Backpacks, Briefcases, Duffel Bags, Canvas Bags, Leather Bags

Grooming | Beards, Dopp Kits, Hair + Body, Kits + Sets, Shaving and Soaps

Home | Candles, Wall Decor, Pennants, Artisan Canoe Paddles and More

Outdoor | Canoe Paddles, Outdoor Clothing and Accessories, Camping, Hiking and More

Why The Made in America Movement?

We collaborated with The Made in America Movement because they provide a platform for American companies to share their story to consumers. They also function as a communication hub for American made companies to collaborate and share insights with each other. It was easy to see that Washington Alley and The Made in America Movement, it just makes sense… like apple pie and baseball.

We Want to Sell your American Made Products!

We are constantly searching for new handcrafted American made products to offer to our customers, please contact us with all new product opportunities. Contact Us







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