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  1. Dear CNN I have gone though each closet in our house out of all the closet and other clothes related item I have three Tilley hats made in Canada kinda close to here in America couple fishing poles no lawn equipment it is really a shame that more products are not made here .On a trip up the east cost last week at Port Brunswick Ga.there were thousands of imported automobiles . We can,t blame Bush or yet Trump for not wearing made in where ever . The in balance of our trade , wow check our indebtedness CNN I used to watch you in length now I watch to see the direction you are trying to lead this country in , which Obama has led the health care etc I do hope you respond to my reply so I can by clothes that are made in America . Thank you I Remain Dan Park I was born in Canada , got my green card legally and now am an American Citizen and I don’t mind showing photo ID to have the honor to vote in America

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