62K lbs of raw meat recalled days before Memorial Day

62K lbs of Raw Meat Recalled Days Before Memorial Day Weekend

Perdue to Buy Niman Ranch, Chipotle Pork Supplier & Natural Meat Maker

Perdue to Buy Natural Meat Maker & Chipotle Pork Supplier Niman Ranch

Perdue and LNK Partners announced today that Natural Food Holdings, including the well-known Niman Ranch® brand, is being purchased by Perdue. Read more

The Not So COOL Reason You May Soon Not Know Where Your Steak Came From

The Not So COOL Reason You Won’t Know Where Your Steak Came From

Cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy—mad cow disease—have been reported in Brazil as recently as 2014. When a cow was found to have died from the neurogenerative disease, which humans can contract by eating meat from sick animals, in 2012, a number of countries suspended beef imports from Brazil as a precaution. The United States was not among them. Read more

Should Labels Say Meat Was Made In USA?

Should Labels Say Meat Was Made In USA? Ranchers, Meatpackers Disagree

Gayland Regier carries buckets of feed to his cattle in southeast Nebraska. Imported cattle make up a small portion of the American beef supply, but many American farmers and ranchers are concerned that foreign-sourced meat could distort their markets.

You’ve probably seen, but may not have noticed, labels on the meat at your grocery store that say something like “Born, Raised, & Harvested in the U.S.A.” or “Born and Raised in Canada, Slaughtered in the U.S.” Read more