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We have found a perfect match in collaborating with The Made in America Movement. We’ve been manufacturing jeans in the USA since 1987, so it seemed like a no-brainer after speaking with Margarita from MAM about getting involved with her organization. We feel this group has the same ideals and vision we have when it comes to American Made products. Our customers are patriots who believe in keeping Americans working, which are the same followers The Made in America Movement cater to. Since joining their movement we’ve seen a boost in website traffic which has led to a boost in subscribers and an increase in sales. Their social media promotions are easy and effective. The beautiful and boldly patriotic photography they use grabs the attention of our Facebook followers. For example, one of their promotion photos “Sick of paying for junk stamped Made in China. Buy American Made” was liked 1,625 times and was shared more than 2,200 times in the same day. This continued for 10 days in a row. Margarita Mendoza and The Made in America Movement have become a great friend and asset to Diamond Gusset and we look forward to all future collaborations.

David Hall
Todd Hall

To be considered for MAM Membership, your product(s) should be at least 70% American made: raw materials, labor and any related costs go into this figure; final assembly of the product must be in the USA; company must be American owned.  Service providers, suppliers, distributors, on-line retail stores, business associations, alliances and organizations must be headquartered (100%) in the US and must employ US citizens.  A letter of authenticity on company letterhead stating locations of all offices within the United States of America will be required.

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