The Made in America Movement Grows by 200% with Merger of Made in America Co.


The Made in America Movement announces the acquisition of Made in America Co. expanding its ability to tell the stories of 20,000 American sourced companies and help millions of consumers find the Made in USA products they are looking for every day.

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memorial day traditions

Memorial Day Traditions and Ways to Remember our Nation’s Heroes

Beyond the Memorial Day sales and 3 day weekend – Memorial Day holds great importance in the hearts of Americans.  We were founded on a great love and passion for freedom and that freedom comes at a price. 

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What does “MADE IN USA” mean?

There is so much discussion these days around the MADE IN USA label.  What does it take to use the label “Made in USA” and can you trust the label when you see it? 

This article will tell you everything you need to know.

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America vs China

Tons Of Virus Tests From China Are Faulty All Over Globe – Just Proves You Shouldn’t Buy From China

There is an old lesson in sale of junk coronavirus kits to Spain and Czech Republic. While you can find quality products made in China, there are known differences in quality. That is on top of the many other reasons to buy Made in America.

Faulty Coronavirus Tests Sold to Spain

“There’s a lesson in Spain’s discovery that at least 9,000 coronavirus test kits it bought from China as part of a deal worth several hundred million dollars are defective. Testing kits are desperately needed in Spain, which has the second-highest death rate in Europe. More than 4,000 Spaniards have perished from the coronavirus thus far. Unfortunately, these test kits had just a 30% accuracy rate when 80% is the minimum expected standard.” – wrote on Tom Rogan on Washington Examiner.

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3 Ways Video is Transforming Hiring in America Today

3 Ways Video Is Transforming Hiring in America Today

The US economy is booming in the US right now with unemployment rates falling to the lowest since 1969, and in many parts of the country, it is difficult for companies to find quality employees to hire – from skilled jobs to hourly workers to technical talent and programmers.

This article will share 3 ways forward-thinking companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are using video messaging to make hiring easier in today’s war for talent. These tips work for large companies and small 20 person teams. These tips can be adopted by the entire company or a single recruiter looking to boost their performance this year.

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Made in America Father's Day Gifts | Made in USA Gifts For The Dad In Your Life, Fathers Day Gift

Made in America Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Love

62K lbs of raw meat recalled days before Memorial Day

62K lbs of Raw Meat Recalled Days Before Memorial Day Weekend

9 Major Milestones Reached By Made In America Store, buy american and help rebuild the american dream

The Made In America Store Reaches 9 Major Milestones in 2019

The 7 Best Real Estate Tools

The 7 Best Real Estate Tools for Top Producing Agents in 2020 + 12 More to Consider

Welcome to the ultimate list of real estate tools that you should be using to grow your business in 2020.

We did our first real estate tools and software report in 2019 by asking more than 10,000 top producing agents what they were using to grow their businesses.

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Made in America Mother's Day Gifts | American Made List

Made in America Mother’s Day Gifts | American Made List