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Memorial Day Traditions and Ways to Remember our Nation’s Heroes

Beyond the Memorial Day sales and 3 day weekend – Memorial Day holds great importance in the hearts of Americans.  We were founded on a great love and passion for freedom and that freedom comes at a price. 

Those that have sacrificed to keep our land free hold the highest honor in our hearts and every year at the start of summer in the United States, we pause to respect and remember that sacrifice. 

This year we want to put together a list of ways and traditions that people across our great land pay tribute to our nation’s heroes.  On our facebook pages & groups we are asking you to tell us the ways that you have personally honored our heroes or ways you have seen it done in towns across our nation. 

These can be large celebrations, small town traditions or even personal reflections.

Please comment below or leave notes on our posts (see below) and we will compile them here for people to follow in the future! 

You can comment below or post on The Made In America Movement Facebook page here:

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