Frequently Asked Questions about the movement:

We are incredibly thankful to have people like you interested in how The Made In America Movement is unique from other organizations.  Here is a list of the common questions we receive:

Is there a difference in Made in America and Assembled in America?

There is a huge difference and bringing awareness to people that companies manipulate wording to say things like “assembled in America” or “designed in America” does not mean that they are manufactured here.

Why do you charge for membership?

Our fee for members is incredibly small and is set at just enough to allow us to have the time to talk with the organization to find out more about where they are now with their manufacturing and where they are moving to. We want to partner with companies as much as possible to inform them on the importance of American jobs and have time to make sure that when people buy from our member list – they are buying from a company dedicated to being Made In America.

How can I encourage brands to move manufacturing back to America?

We believe each person has a voice and your efforts have huge impacts. Ask at your local stores if they sell products Made In America, as managers hear the requests they begin to make an effort. Additionally, ask when you are online shopping – send a chat or email asking if the product is Made in America. Post on companies social media pages and urge them to sell more products that are Made in America. Use your voice.

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