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Made in America Week

It is well-known that the companies that build their products entirely within the US have a huge impact on the American economy. But did you know that first Made in America Week and the first Made in America Day took place in 2017?

Keep reading for a history of Made in America Week, how it came to be, and the business leaders that were involved in the first Made in America roundtable.

Why care about American Made products and the companies behind Made in USA?

Almost every country has restrictions on the use of country of origin labels such as Made in USA, Made in Japan, or Made in France. These requirements prevent deception and unfairness in the marketplace, and they give you the information to make informed decisions about what you’re buying. In the US, marketers and manufacturers that promote their products as Made in USA must meet the “all or virtually all” standard.

There are 20,000+ companies that build their products within the USA and qualify to use the Made in USA label. While this seems like a huge number of companies, it’s only a fraction of the total companies in the United States and within the world. Without boring you with all the details of economic models and financial markets, these 20,000 companies have been shown to be leading indicators of the US economy and job growth.

When we level the playing field for companies to compete on, the entire economy benefits.

Made in America Month established in 1985

Starting in the mid-50’s, a number of countries began to artificially subsidize certain industries and businesses, creating an uneven playing field for companies manufacturing products in other countries, such the United States.

President Ronald Reagan, at the request of Congress, issued Made in America Month” in 1985 with a proclamation stating:

“Made in America Month also provides an opportunity for American firms and workers to resolve to take greater advantage of new competitive opportunities both here at home and in overseas markets. We Americans do not shrink from competition; we believe in competition — fair competition. Historically, competition constantly creates pressure for innovation, product improvement, and customer satisfaction. The open marketplace makes the consumer the king, and we are all consumers.”…

“In an increasingly competitive world, we Americans must redouble our efforts to make products of the highest quality in the most efficient way and market them aggressively. As we do I have no doubt that more and more Americans and foreigners will be drawn to the products with the proud label: “Made in America.”

Starting in the mid-50’s, a number of countries began to artificially subsidize certain industries a

The 1st Made in America Rountable

The Made in America Roundtable took place on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 in the East Room at the White House. A portion of the event aired on C-Span, with business leaders and members of the administration discussing American Made companies, innovation, and business operations.

The White House approached The Made in America Movement to help decide the business leaders that should advise President Trump on American businesses. We are still honored at the ability to not only be part of bringing the message of our members but to also include eight American made companies and their teams.

Margarita Mendoza (CEO and Founder) and Kurt Uhlir (Chairman) at the Made in America Roundtable in the East Room of the White House.

Who attended the roundtable

Read more about the Made in America Roundtable in this article from Kurt Uhlir.

See pictures from behind the scenes at the White House here.

Made in America Week

The first Made in America Week took place July 16, 2017 through July 22, 2017.

The week gave the country a focal point to highlight all 20,000+ companies using the Made in USA label. These makers, ranchers, and craftsmen – the founders of these companies and the everyday workers that build the products we use deserve a little attention. American made products are known for their high quality and innovation.

We also heard from a number of American entrepreneurs and business leaders that pointed to the centries of innovation coming from American companies.

“Many of us initially think about consumer goods when we think Made in USA. There’s no question that American manufacturing has been a huge portion of our economy for years, but at its core, American is known for its innovation and the hard work of everyone from founder to CEO to office managers and those building the products. Today, we increasingly see technology and software companies as the fastest growing portion of Made in USA companies. Companies like Facebook, Vitrue, TopPick, and thousands of others are driving the technology we’re using in our businesses and in our homes”, said Kurt Uhlir – Chairman of The Made in America Movement, Entrepreneur, and Inventor.

Official Proclamation from the President of the United States

Proclamation 9627 of July 17, 2017

Made in America Day and Made in America Week, 2017

A Proclamation
Today, we mark the first Made in America Day and recognize the vital contributions of American workers and job creators to our Nation’s prosperity and strength. America owes much of its success to the determination and ingenuity of its entrepreneurs, workers, and farmers, who drive our economy and support our military strength.

American work ethic and quality craftsmanship are the heart and soul of our Nation. We are a Nation of innovators, builders, and farmers. We construct architectural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge and the New York skyline. We feed the Nation and the world with agricultural products like American wheat, corn, and beef. We drive technological innovation, like the internet and the Global Positioning System, from visions to realities.

My Administration recognizes the critical connection between a strong manufacturing base and a thriving economy. I am committed to promoting American manufacturing, opening markets around the world for our producers, and protecting our businesses from unfair trade practices. And I am reducing job-killing regulations and cutting taxes, making it more attractive than ever to do business in the United States.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim July 17, 2017, as Made in America Day and this week, July 16 through July 22, as Made in America Week. Today and this week, I call upon Americans to pay special tribute to the builders, to the ranchers, to the crafters, and to all those who work every day to make America great.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventeenth day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-second.

President Donald Trump

Link to Federal Register version

Made in America Product Showcase

President Trump chose to start the week by hosting an event to highlight companies from across the country. There are so many great American made brands, we’re sure it was hard to choose which ones to include.

Here’s a short video from the Associated Press about the event.

Here’s the full video of President Trump’s and Vice President Pence’s statements at the Made in America Product Showcase.

State Company Product
Alabama Altec Bucket trucks
Alaska Alaska Bowl Company Bowls
Arizona PING Golf Golf clubs
Arkansas Hytrol Conveyer belt
California The California Wine Institute Wine
Colorado Gordon Signs Neon signs
Connecticut Sikorsky Helicopters
Delaware ILC Dover LP NASA space suit
Florida Tervis Tumblers
Georgia Chick Fil A Food
Hawaii Koloa Rum Co. Rum
Idaho Boise Cascade Company Engineered wood floors
Illinois Caterpillar Heavy equipment manufacturer
Indiana Broomcorn Johnnys Brooms
Iowa RMA Armament Body armor, dummies
Kansas Grasshopper Company Lawnmower
Kentucky Campbellsville Apparel Company Apparel
Louisiana Marucci Sports Baseball bats
Maine Hinckley Yachts Yacht
Maryland Eddie Heath’s Crab Pots Crab pot manufacturer
Massachusetts St. Pierre Manufacturing Corporation Horseshoes
Michigan Milton Manufacturing Fabric
Minnesota Faribault Woolen Mill Wool blankets
Mississippi Taylor Machine Works Forklift
Missouri Beehler Corporation Door hinges
Montana Simms Fishing Fishing gear
Nebraska Greater Omaha Packing Beef
Nevada Kimmie Candy Candy
New Hampshire Cider Belly Doughnuts Doughnut company
New Jersey Campbells Soup Soup
New Mexico Desert Plastics Plastic Manufacturer
New York Steinway Piano
North Carolina Cheerwine Soda
North Dakota Dakota Outerwear Co. Military outerwear manufacturer
Ohio Bully Tools Shovels, rakes, hoes etc.
Oklahoma DitchWitch Trencher/excavator
Oregon Leupold and Stevens Sights and scopes
Pennsylvania Ames Wheel barrows
Rhode Island Narragansett Brewing Company Beer
South Carolina Casual Cushion Company Cushions
South Dakota K Bar J Leather Shotgun chaps
Tennessee Gibson Guitars Guitars
Texas Stetson Hats Cowboy hats
Utah Colonial Flag Company Flags
Vermont Dubie Family Maple Maple syrup
Virginia National Capital Flag Company Flags
Washington Liberty Bottleworks Water bottles
West Virginia Homer Laughlin China Company Iconic fiesta line of china
Wisconsin Pierce Manufacturing Two firetrucks
Wyoming Aviat Aircraft Model aircraft

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  3. Check out pictures from behind the scenes at the White House.

Here are just a few of the posts about the first Made in America Week, the first Made in America Day, and the first Made in America Roundtable.

Note: As the oldest, objective, independent, non-partisan, organization dedicated to promoting American businesses and the families that rely on them, The Made in America Movement is not pro-Trump or anti-Trump, just as we were not pro-Obama or anti-Obama. Our team is happy to work with any administration, federal or local, that is focused on helping level the playing field for American companies, so when they asked if we could help in the selection of companies at the event and for us to participate, we were happy to help. In the end, MAM helped eight companies and 15 people join the roundtable. It was an incredible opportunity to influence the current administration.

White House Tweet - Made in America Roundtable - Margarita Mendoza and Kurt Uhlir in picture 3a

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White House Article on Made in America Roundtable with Margarita Mendoza and Kurt Uhlir v2
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White House Tweet - Made in America Roundtable - Margarita Mendoza and Kurt Uhlir in picture 10a
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