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Looking for Made in USA Spirits?
We have you covered. Here are a few of our favorites.
Together. In One Place.
The American List.

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Boozi (20% off code MAM20)

“The Elixir Fixer ” Your booze never tasted better and your hanger over never felt so good. It removes the impurities so your body doesn’t have to. BooZi acts like a magnet to draw in impurities left over from the distillation or fermentation process and traps them inside. Since the actual alcohol molecules are too large to pass through, the BooZidoes not affect the specific gravity of your wine or spirits so you still get the buzz but without the extra toxins and byproducts, your body would otherwise have to metabolize.

When you metabolize an abundance of those impurities you are left with hangover symptoms. Those impurities are what also gives you the bitter aftertaste in your drinks. We worry about the toxins going into our food, what about the ones residing in our drinks?

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Tito’s Handmade Vodka

In 1995, Tito Beveridge (yeah, his real name) had the idea of building his own microdistillery incorporating the boutique winery concept into the spirits industry. He acquired the first legal permit to distill in Texas and put his life savings into it, racking up 19 credit cards to build his own stills and condensers. Since then, he has won the World Spirits Competition and has turned his handmade vodka into the fastest growing spirit brand in the country through the power of word of mouth.

Now available in over 125 countries, people love to tell their friends about the underdog distiller named Tito who makes an exceptionally smooth vodka and sells it at a fair price. Tito still makes his vodka by hand on the same land where he started it all in Austin, Texas.

New Liberty Distillery, American Whiskey, Made in America Whiskey, Made in USA Whiskey,, American list, Spirits,

New Liberty Distillery

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Philadelphia. For over three centuries diverse people from all over the world have collaborated to see William Penn’s grand experiment come to life, a free-thinking metropolis where anything was possible because it already was. Our city is the birthplace of most of the things we as Americans now take for granted: electricity, democracy, the spirit of America and American spirits.

If we didn’t invent it, we strove to better it. We didn’t invent spirits and we didn’t invent Liberty, but we’re making them New.


Traverse City Whiskey Co.

Traverse City is where we’re from; a quaint, authentic city in Northern Michigan that has become synonymous with enjoying life (and whiskey), an active lifestyle and a retreat where timeless memories are made. Our culture is a reflection of the area and we’re on a mission to produce the smoothest, greatest whiskey possible.

HAND-CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES – At The Traverse City Whiskey Co., we’ve worked hard to reconstruct the recipe that’s been lingering in one of our family heirlooms for three generations. Every day we’re busy distilling the best whiskey around using the techniques derived directly from my great-grandfather’s patents.

Wigle Whiskey, Pittsburgh's grain-to-bottle organic whiskey distillery. Pittsburgh Made American Whiskey, American list, Spirits,

Wigle Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey is hell-bent on creating a vital, educated community around the highest quality, most inventive, bursting-with-terroir fermented and distilled products in the world. We are strong believers of investing in our communities to support the agricultural, social and economic systems of which we are a part of.

Our innovation team devotes an enormous amount of resources into research and make each one of our dozens of regionally inspired spirits, including whiskey, gins, rum, honey spirits, and bitters from scratch with organic ingredients whenever possible. Wigle never ever purchases spirits from bulk suppliers.

Boardwalk Food Company, American list, Spirits,

Boardwalk Food Company

As a craft beer enthusiast, you should have a delicious snack that matches the sophisticated tastes of the beer you love. But, it’s hard to find a snack that is cultivated with as much care and attention to detail as your craft beers are. You don’t drink boring beer so why should your snacks be boring?

At Boardwalk Food Co., we love craft beer as much as you do. That’s why we’ve spent countless hours consulting with local brewing experts (AKA drinking a lot of beer) to create a new line of craft beer flavored snacks!

Heroes Vodka, Veteran owned made in usa vodka, veteran owned american made vodka, American list, Spirits,

Heroes Vodka

Heroes Vodka was founded in 2009 by Travis McVey, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who proudly served as a Presidential Honor Guard from 1989-1992.  Travis’s vision was to develop a brand to partner with well-known Veteran organizations. His mission was to help Veterans get the care they deserve. With Heroes Vodka, Travis’s dream has become a reality.

Heroes Vodka was first bottled on Veteran’s Day, 11.11.11, a date that occurs only once in a century and epitomizes the rarity of this event. As the “Official Spirit of a Grateful Nation,” the mission of Heroes Vodka is to deliver exceptional taste and superior value to consumers while honoring Veterans and other American service organizations through charitable contributions.

Salute American Vodka, Veteran Vodka, made in usa vodka, american made vodka, made in america vodka, American list, Spirits,

Salute American Vodka

The high-quality, 80-proof, award-winning craft vodka is Made in USA Certified™; it is American-made from the ingredients to the bottle. Made and sold with American heroes in mind, Salute American Vodka’s mission to support veterans and other heroes as they work to further their careers, start small businesses, and achieve the American dream. This has been the guiding principle of the company since it was founded in 2012. In its first month of launching, the company donated $25,000 to Work Vessels for Veterans to support a veteran who was starting a blueberry farm in Florida.

Salute American Vodka continues to produce authentically all-American spirits and remains committed to its charitable social mission. Salute American Vodka is bottled and distilled in Rochester, NY.

We don’t simply list brands on our site. 

The businesses on this page have been approved (not certified) by us. They are makers, retailers, brands, mom & pop shops, technology companies, distributors or suppliers of domestically sourced raw materials, general manufacturers, and service providers. They make or carry products Made in USA. They serve businesses and/or consumers. In some cases, not everything they carry will be Made in USA. We celebrate them anyway for making an effort.

If you make/produce spirits (wine, beer, whiskey, vodka, rum, etc…)  or sell these items and would like us to feature your business on this page, fill out our application and a MAM rep will respond within 48hrs.

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