Fractiles Award-winning magnetic tiling puzzle, Creative math-based learning tool, Made in USA, Made in America, American made, USA Made


Create millions of geometric designs with Fractiles, award-winning magnetic tiling puzzle! Fun with patterns, symmetry and math concepts. And, Made in USA.

Wee Can Too, Made in USA, Made in America, American made, recycle, ecofriendly, Organic, Natural and Edible Art Supplies for babies, toddlers, and young children. Veggie Baby Finger Paint, Veggie Baby Sidewalk Chalk, Veggie Baby Swirl Chalk, Veggie Tempera Paint, Nature's Magic Egg Kits, Veggie Baby Crayons

Wee Can Too

Wee Can Too was founded in 2007 by a momma who sought a safer and more nutritious art product for her infant daughter… Voila… Edible Art Supply was born! Let’s face it, with infants and toddlers these days, everything ends up in their mouths. Well-relax mommas & daddies, because our products are made for curious mouths and made with food-based organic ingredients. (NOTE: Not everything on their site is Made in USA. Link provided will take you directly to their “Made in USA” selection.)

Giggle Monster, toy cars, puzzles, educational toys, American made toys, wooden toys, zipper pulls, Made in USA, Made in America, American made, USA Made, kids toys, newborn toys, baby toys

Giggle Monster

This company creates classic wooden toys with an emphasis on child development. Giggle Monster is an American based company. All products including wood, paint, and packaging are purchased, made and tested in America!

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