Expansion Management: The Myth of Globalization

New tools are making US sourcing a more profitable bet.
Today, the wave of technological innovation in communication systems and production tools is making it easier to bring new products to market faster than the competition by designing, refining and manufacturing them right here in the United States. 

For the first time in memory, I’m hearing manufacturing people sound optimistic about facilities they want to build not just in Asia but also in the United States.

I feel it is time to rethink globalization. 

Five years after the near-collapse of the world’s largest economies, with Europe in crisis, the United States economy stalled, and China continuing its ascent as a growing economic power, it seems fair to ask, “Was Thomas Friedman correct in so heartily embracing the process of ‘flattening the world’ and convincing executives to lead, follow or get out of the way?”

Read the rest of the article at Industry Weekhttp://www.industryweek.com/expansion-management/expansion-management-myth-globalization

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