Agent Elite Review and Comparison

Agent Elite creates visually appealing basic real estate websites built on WordPress, has an upgrade option to their own CRM, and has a friendly leadership team that aided them in making the Inc. 5000 in 2019. 

Many agents find out about them from a call from one of their sales team and consider them based on their monthly pricing. However, the actual pricing agents end up paying and a lower performing IDX are the two biggest issues agents told us about. 

Keep reading to find out more about that and other things you’ll want to know before choosing your website vendor.

Agent Elite Advantages

  • The sites look good.
  • Built on WordPress
  • Good entry point pricing: Pricing for a basic website is good compared to what many non-real estate focused marketing agencies may charge.
  • Transparency: Transparent pricing you can see on their website and when clicking “buy now”
  • Proprietary CRM: They’ve built their own CRM that you can purchase in their most expensive plan.
  • Additional services: Easy ability to purchase Facebook Ads or visitors.

Agent Elite Disadvantages

  • Lower quality IDX: They primarily use iHomefinder for the IDX and home search. See our IDX and Home Search Report to see how iHomefinder ranks and why you could be losing 75% of your potential clients to Zillow compared to other IDX and all-in-one options.
  • Compete with IDX Vendor for Website: Agents increasingly ask why they should buy a website from Agent Elite when the IDX vendor they use, iHomefinder, offers websites for $59.95 – $199.95 per month.
  • CRM: Agents pay for the Agent Elite CRM in their highest tier, even if you do not want it because you prefer one of the many other options in the market.

Agent Elite Overview

Agent Elite started in 2011 before the more recent wave of marketing agencies began focusing on real estate websites and real estate inbound marketing. This is similar to some of the early marketing agencies before Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and Clickfunnels came to market with more modern marketing automation platforms that marketing agencies now use to help tens of thousands of SMBs grow.

According to LinkedIn, 53% of Agent Elite’s employees work in Sales and Marketing. Think about that 29 of 50 employees do nothing but sell. Wow! The median time an employee stays is only 1.7 years too, so the person that sells or builds your site may not be around when it comes time to renew.

Agent Elite Employee Tenure

That is often indicative of a company that has mastered inside sales and not one that’s focuses on referrals and organic traffic, although one of their founders has started a video series lately and seems to spend much of his time sharing content. 

Unlike a few other early real estate website builders, Agent Elite has refreshed their product offerings and continues to offer respectable sites for agents.

Agent Elite Design

The websites created by Agent Elite look modern but are relatively simple. The websites “check the box” in providing basic home search, community pages, content, but none of these “stand out” or are stunning.

Agent Elite’s design and feel are great compared to many of the outdated or poor performing website options available to agents (e.g. Websitebox, anything built on Wix or Squarespace, etc).

Agent Elite Site Ownership and Customization

The company builds their websites on WordPress, which is the right choice. 

WordPress gives you the best platform to build your site on, and if you ever choose to leave Agent Elite, you can have another developer export your MySQL database, theme, and site content to move it to another host. There will be a cost for that work, but it gives you control of your site.

With some other large all-in-one options like kvCORE, BoomTown, and Real Geeks where you are essentially “renting” your website. If you leave those companies, you have to leave your website behind and start over, although you can often keep your domain name,

Agent Elite CRM dashboard

CRM with Pro Agent Plan

Agent Elite provides a basic CRM with their Pro Agent website offering. The CRM with the Pro Agent plan offers automated follow-up emails to nurture your leads and a dashboard to keep leads from slipping through the cracks. 

Any modern IDX will offer search alerts of new listings, price changes, etc.. As listing alerts are based on and use your MLS data, not regular CRM triggers, your IDX will be your best bet for sending these real estate specific automated emails. 

Our suggestion: Use 1) a real estate specific CRM like Follow Up Boss or LionDesk or 2) use a full marketing automation suite like ActiveCampaign. Combine either of these with a modern IDX powered website and you’ll get significantly better results.

Non-Website Services and Offerings

Agent Elite visitor pricing

Facebook ads and visitors from their website network

Agent Elite can run your Facebook Ads for you and are able to drive targeted local leads from a network of real estate websites they own. This is a simple add-on for agents and we’ve heard generally favorable feedback from agents about these leads. 

If you’re looking to invest $150 or less per month, it makes sense to simply add the service into your offering and work with a single marketing agency. 

If your business is investing $250 – $500 (or more) per month, talk to Blue Lynx or one of the others on our Top 17 Real Estate Marketing Agencies in the United States to get a much better return on investment (ROI).

Blog Content

The Pro Agent package comes with one blog post per month. From our 2020 real estate study of 20,000 real estate websites, the blog posts are okay. They were not incredible, nor were they poor. 

If you’re an agent that does not have the time or skills to write consistent content, this offering will give you something to send out to your clients.

SEO and Google Rankings

Agent Elite did not make the list of websites that are doing great at SEO, but this is not entirely something you should expect from your website designer.

There are 4 major parts to your SEO quality:

  • Technical onsite SEO: The Agent Fire sites we examined scored well for their technical on-site SEO
  • IDX capabilities: Their choice of IDX (iHomefinder) scored poorly in our IDX and Home Search Report in terms of SEO capabilities and help.
  • On-site content: Much of this will be done after your initial website is built by creating real estate hot sheets, blog content, etc. 
  • Off-site SEO work: You generally need a marketing agency that is focused on SEO to help you in this area.
Reviews and research study on IDX Broker vs iHomeFinder vs Showcase IDX vs Diverse Solutions dsIDXpress vs Flex MLS vs kVcore vs other IDX solutions

With an Agent Elite site, you CAN rank, but you’ll have to do a lot of work to create good content and Off-site SEO work. If your goal is significant traffic from Google, make sure to set aside the time to do the work or bring in a SEO consultant that can help.

Agent Elite starter website pricing

Agent Elite Pricing

Agent Elite has transparent pricing, and the company’s willingness to put pricing on their website is refreshing to see

You can get started for as little as $119.95 – $199.95 depending on which package you pick. 

Setup Fees: This is one of the things we really like about Agent Elite’s offering. You can choose your setup fee or no setup fee. When you choose no setup fee, you are agreeing to a 24 month contract. For as little as $700, you can shorten your required contract length to only 3 months. This not only gives you great flexibility, but the choice is yours, and it is all visible on their shopping cart at checkout.

*Note: This is the best of our knowledge at the time of this writing. Contact the vendor directly to check current prices, discounts, and terms. If you have any updates, please leave a comment below.

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Agent Elite Summary

Overall, Agent Elite delivers good looking real estate websites with a home search at a reasonable price. There are better options available at the same price points, but you will not be disappointed with a website from Agent Elite. 

If you’re looking for other marketing agencies that build incredible websites, see our list of the Top 17 Real Estate Marketing Agencies in the United States.

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