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The Made In America Movement was founded out of a passion to see more jobs come back to America. This Movement was created so that individuals can get involved and use their voices and buying power to create change. Together we will grow this movement across the nation.

The Made In America Movement website is designed to help you become a more conscious consumer. As we build relationships with brands to help them source more products in the USA and bring manufacturing to the USA, we also strengthen our economy. Our blog is full of content to educate you as a consumer on issues like toxic products, exploited workers and steps our government is making to grow jobs in America.

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You can help by signing up for our email list, subscribing to the blog, becoming familiar with the brands committed to American jobs, and connecting with us on social media to make your voice heard. Get started today by taking the pledge to buy American made. It is a reinvestment into our economy and sends a clear message to other brands that there is a demand for more.

We are a non-partisan organization lobbying for and celebrating American manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, small business owners, mom and pop stores, local boutiques, and service providers. Dedicated to encouraging consumers to buy American-made products, we provide our members with resources to expand their use of American-made products and serve as a place to share ideas to increase our members’ bottom lines. Let’s unite American voices and tell Washington to bring American jobs home. We are a conduit for change!

The Vetting Process

While the Made In America Movement can not fully certify every aspect of a company ourselves, we have processes in place which help us verify the Made in USA claim.

Providing Awareness

Our blog is constantly updated with the latest information on brands, jobs and even the politics around American manufacturing. We are a non-partisan website dedicated to the facts. Our social media outlets help get this information to you as well as inspire you around the importance of the movement.

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal is providing American’s with jobs. We know the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs here in America, and bringing back those we have already lost.

Making a Movement

A movement is centered around people, it is simple and powerful. Our goal is to provide you information about current events around manufacturing in America as well as making it easier for you to find brands that are committed to being American made.

Are you interested in helping the Made In America Movement?  Our team is full of people dedicated to spreading the word and growing awareness about the importance of American jobs through manufacturing and supporting local businesses. Contact us today if you want to be a part of our team.

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  • DISCLAIMER: We are not a certification company. Our members certify themselves.