Looking for shoes, boots, sandals, flip flops, sneakers, socks and other footwear made in America? Here are what we think are the top brands in America using the Made in USA label.

NuuSol Footwear

Providing fashionable comfort with stability and craftsmanship found only in American manufacturing.

When we set out to create the Cascade flip flop, we had four simple guidelines: make it comfortable, make it stylish, make it affordable, and make it in the U.S. That’s it, four simple rules. If we can design a product that hits all four of these points, then we are going to make a splash. Well, we’re making a splash, the fun colors and sleek design combined with unmatched comfort for only $29.95 make the Cascade flip flop a must have. And one more thing, it’s made right here in the U.S.A. (Continue reading and learn more about NuuSol Footwear)

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Pure American Naturals

PAN enlightens the fashion industry about the availability of traceable, produced and Made in USA, high-quality mohair/wool material for the couture fashion market.  By traceable, we mean that the selective and conscientious consumer who considers a piece of clothing with our QR code can get to know the farmer, the farm and animals, the sustainability in the production of that garment and what their fashion choices mean.

Okabashi, Made in USA Shoes, American Made Shoes, Made in USA Flip Flops, American made flip flops, Oka-B


From the beginning, Okabashi has produced sandals and shoes in Buford, GA using a zero-waste production process. Their products are made of Microplast, which is comfortable, durable, washable, vegan-friendly, and 100% recyclable – a feature combination that is extremely rare in the footwear industry. Their designs are based on the studies of reflexology, support, and proper body alignment. Okabashi is dedicated to overall wellness, delivering shoes that are both good for you and good for the planet.

Oka-B Made in USA Shoes, American Made Shoes, Made in USA Flip Flops, American made flip flops, Oka-B


Oka-B shoes are uniquely American, an affordable luxury brand designed and manufactured just outside metro Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. Offering signature styles for women, men, and children, Oka-B shoes are available at specialty retailers, spas, resorts, and boutiques nationwide.

Footwear Etc.

We carry some of the finest brands in footwear, apparel and accessories, including: New Balance, Klogs, Merrell, FITS, Birkenstock, SAS Shoes and many more. NOTE: Not everything on their site is Made in USA. Link provided will take you directly to their “Made in USA” selection. And just in case you click outside of the link, know that a US flag symbol is proudly displayed by every American made brand.

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Working Person’s

Their vision is to be “the world’s premier work apparel and footwear company, offering top quality, superior workwear to people everywhere.”

They are dedicated to the needs of working people everywhere, based on the proposition that quality isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. Why? Because they learned from experience that buying quality may cost a little more to start with, but it’s a bargain in the long-run. NOTE: Not everything on their site is Made in USA. Link provided will take you directly to their “Made in USA” selection. And just in case you click outside of the link, know that a simple “Made in USA shoes” search will bring you right back to a Made in USA selection. They offer CASHBACK via Ebates

We don’t simply list brands on our site. We actually verify brands before listing them on our site!

The businesses on this page have been vetted (not certified) by us. They are makers, retailers, brands, mom & pop shops, technology companies, distributors or suppliers of domestically sourced raw materials, general manufacturers, and service providers. They make or carry products Made in USA. They serve businesses and/or consumers. In some cases, not everything they carry will be Made in USA. We celebrate them anyway for making an effort.

If you make or sell American made footwear and accessories (shoes, boots, flip flops, sandals, socks, etc…) and would like us to feature your business on this page, fill out our application and a MAM rep will respond within 48hrs. We will need to verify your business. We go by the motto “Trust, but verify!”

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