J.W. Hulme, Handbags, Luggage, iPhone Cases, iPad Cases, Briefcases, Laptop Bags, Messenger Bags, Backpacks, Field & Sport Cases, Totes, Made in USA, Made in America, American made, USA Made

J.W. Hulme Co.

For more than a century, every J.W. Hulme Co. travel bag, briefcase, backpack, handbag, and accessory has been proudly Made in America and crafted to last a lifetime.

Susant Tancer Handmade bags, made in usa womens bag, made in usa purse, american made purse, american made hand bag, made in usa clutch, wedding clutch

Susan Tancer Studios

Hand-painted & crafted artisan bags. Eco-friendly, custom luxury works of art to unleash your inner artist. Boldly signed, sealed, & made with love. These fun and funky bags, chokers and shawls are meant to allow women to feel creative and inspired.

Rickshaw Bagworks, Rickshaw Bags, Laptop Bags, Laptop Sleeves, Netbook Sleeves, iPad Cases,Tablet Cases, iPhone Cases, Kindle Cases, iPod Cases, Smartphone Cases, Mobile Phone Cases, Keyboard Sleeves, Wallets, Gaming Cases, Accessory Pouches, Shoulder Pads, Shoulder Straps, Gear Pouches, Organizational Pouches, Travel Bags, Gym Bags, Carry-on Bags, Duffel bags, Tote Bags, protective cases, Made in USA, Made in America, American made, USA Made

Rickshaw Bagworks

Inspired by the creative energy of our city, urban cycling and an intense desire to make great products, we started Rickshaw to satisfy our own personal passion for bags. We know how people love their bags. We think it’s cool–if not kind of weird–the way people grow attached to their favorite bag as though it were a pet or loved–one.

We don’t simply list brands on our site. We actually verify brands before listing them on our site!

The businesses on this page have been vetted (not certified) by us. They are makers, retailers, brands, mom & pop shops, technology companies, distributors or suppliers of domestically sourced raw materials, general manufacturers, and service providers. They make or carry products Made in USA. They serve businesses and/or consumers. In some cases, not everything they carry will be Made in USA. We celebrate them anyway for making an effort.

If you make or sell American made bags, handbags, backpacks, luggage, wallets, purses, etc… and would like us to feature your business on this page, fill out our application and a MAM rep will respond within 48hrs.

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