American Made Men’s Clothing and Accessories

American Made Men’s Clothing and Accessories

WASHINGTON ALLEY is a one-stop-shop for American made men’s clothing and accessories. We are passionate about sharing our brand and other brands that align with our lifestyle and values. The goal is to put all of the best and most unique American made products on one website. Giving our customers the confidence that WASHINGTON ALLEY will only offer them American made products that align with the highest of product values. 

SoftWear Automation, Creating U.S. Jobs by Revolutionizing the Textile Industry

SoftWear Automation, Creating U.S. Jobs by Revolutionizing the Textile Industry

The SewBots have arrived and they are bringing manufacturing back to the United States. SoftWear Automation, in Atlanta Georgia, has developed robotic technology for the textile industry to automate sewing, significantly reducing manufacturing labor costs. The machines are surprisingly inexpensive and allow for greater precision, higher speed and much longer hours than the traditional seamstress can manage by hand. Not only will this technology help manufacturers bring operations back to the United States with the reduction of labor costs, it will create higher paying technical jobs for American workers. Traditionally, manufacturing jobs are some of the least desirable roles that individuals do not desire due to the repetition, poor work environments (hot warehouse, anyone?) and low wages. High turnover and an aging...

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