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The Walmart Effect: Store Closures Are Leaving Food Deserts in Their Wake

Article written by: Willy Blackmore of TakePart As presidential candidates have worked their way across Iowa in recent months, campaigning ahead of the first-in-the-nation voting that will take place when the caucuses commence on Feb. 1, the country has seen a certain slice of the state. There are the town hall meetings at Elks Lodge halls, cups of coffee at old-school diners, and visits to mom-and-pop shops on a succession of Main Streets. Television crews park news anchors in front of stately town squares and historic courthouses built of red brick or green-gray limestone. Even as news stories delve into the changing demographics in the state or the reduced political clout of farmers, campaign optics still focus largely on this true-blue...

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Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Too many American companies base decisions about how to source manufacturing largely on narrow financial criteria, never taking into account the potential strategic value of domestic locations. Proposals for plants are treated like any other investment proposal and subjected to strict return hurdles. Tax, regulatory, intellectual property, and political considerations may also figure heavily in the conversation. But executives, viewing manufacturing mainly as a cost center, give short shrift to the impact that outsourcing or offshoring it may have on a company’s capacity to innovate. Indeed, most don’t consider manufacturing to be part of a company’s innovation system at all.

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