Reshoring And The Apparel Industry

Reshoring And The Apparel Industry

Reshoring – For decades we have been shedding apparel-manufacturing jobs in addition to the entire ecosystem that goes along with them. However, the offshore wages that were once a fraction of U.S. labor costs are escalating. Shipping costs, coupled with long lead times, quality problems, and the intangible costs and risks of being far from customers are making offshore manufacturing and sourcing less attractive for apparel companies. Read more

Reshoring Initiative Bring Jobs Back

Jobs: Can The Reshoring Initiative Bring Them Back?

Throughout the 2016 election cycle, one of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s most impassioned – and oft-repeated – promises should he move into the White House next year is the recovery of millions of jobs previously offshored to China, Mexico and elsewhere. Read more

Do Trade Agreements Kill Jobs?

Do Trade Agreements Kill Jobs?


International trade agreements: It is remarkable that the one thing leading presidential candidates of both parties agree is bad is the one thing mainstream economists agree is good. Read more

Why Clothing Startups Are Returning To American Factories

Why Clothing Startups Are Returning To American Factories

Startups are returning to American factories, and it’s no longer (just) about patriotism or marketing. These brands want to create the best, most innovative clothes in the world. Read more

China buying its way into the USA

China Is Buying Its Way Into the U.S. Economy

The concept of “Made in America” is slowly giving way to “Made by China … in America,” as Chinese investors are increasingly snatching up U.S.-based companies and assets and raising the eyebrows of some regulators and market spectators. Read more

How the TPP Could Affect You and Your Business

On February 4, 2016, President Obama signed the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement on behalf of the United States. The TPP agreement has been in negotiation behind closed doors since 2010 between the United States and 11 other countries around the Pacific Rim:  Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. The TPP is a “docking agreement” so other countries could be added without the approval of Congress. India, China, and Korea have expressed interest in joining the TPP.

Read more

Reshoring effort returning, keeping jobs in U.S.

Reshoring Effort Returning, Keeping Jobs in USA

The stream of millions of U.S. jobs going overseas has stopped, according to a report from the Chicago-based Reshoring Initiative. Read more

Look Out China, US Manufacturing is Headed for No. 1

Look Out China, US Manufacturing is Headed for No. 1

Advanced manufacturing technologies are helping to push the United States back toward being the most competitive manufacturing nation in the world, according to a new survey of global CEOs and other senior executives. Read more

Once Booming Textile Mill Towns Given New Hope

Once Booming Mill Towns Given New Hope

Not so long ago, this rural town an hour outside Atlanta was a hotbed for textile manufacturing. Read more

Made in the USA & Apparel Reshoring- Expert Round-Up

Made in the USA & Apparel Reshoring: Expert Round-Up

Made in the USA & apparel reshoring is a hot topic in the apparel industry these days. Corporate America is definitely interested- we need to look no further than Walmart’s American Manufacturing Commitment to buy an additional $250 billion dollars of goods made in America over the next 10 years to see evidence of that. Read more