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Trump Administration To Aid Farmers

The Trump administration is coming to the aid of farmers hurt by its own hard-line trade policies, announcing Tuesday that it will make an estimated $12 billion in government assistance available, including direct payments to growers. Read more

1.7 million lbs of Frozen Chicken May Be Contaminated with Salmonella

1.7 million lbs of Frozen Chicken May Be Contaminated with Salmonella

Barber Foods is recalling 1,707,494 pounds of raw frozen chicken products after the U.S. Department of Agriculture received reports of a cluster of people in Minnesota and Wisconsin becoming ill with salmonella poisoning. Read more

USDA Pork Inspectors Speak out: “People are going to eat sh*t”

USDA Pork Industry

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The agency’s new inspection model is a threat to food safety, federal whistleblowers allege. [p][/p]

If you preferred not to know what’s in your ham, bacon and Spam before, you’re really not going to want to know now.

The USDA is piloting a new pork inspection program that features sped-up lines and a reduction in government inspectors — and its own inspectors are now speaking out publicly in condemnation of it. Read more

U.S. Pork Plant Program Draws Criticism: Hormel Petition

Jan 30 (Reuters) – Processing lines at some U.S. pork slaughterhouses are moving too fast for inspectors to adequately address contamination and food safety concerns, according to an advocacy group that says it has obtained affidavits from four government meat inspectors. Read more