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Trump Administration To Aid Farmers

The Trump administration is coming to the aid of farmers hurt by its own hard-line trade policies, announcing Tuesday that it will make an estimated $12 billion in government assistance available, including direct payments to growers.

The money comes after farmers, especially soybean growers, have felt the brunt of retaliatory tariffs placed on agriculture by China and other nations that the Trump administration has penalized with tariffs on imports.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and other USDA officials say the aid will be available in three forms; direct payments; government purchases for distribution to food banks; and development of new export markets.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the aid in a call to reporters, saying the programs “are a firm statement that other nations cannot bully our agricultural producers to force the United States to cave in.”

China, the European Union, Canada, and Mexico have all been hit by U.S. levies on imports including steel and aluminum and have retaliated by placing their own tariffs on U.S. agricultural exports, thus targeting farm states that are politically important to the president.

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  1. Roderick Robertson
    Roderick Robertson says:

    Over the past few years I have noticed that more packaged food products are marked “distributed by.” I know that some of these products had previously been marked “made in (Mexico) (Canada)” etc. When did this change take place? and who was responsible for the change?
    and… Do we really need to sell plastic containers of crackers from India sold here?

  2. Hilary Walsh
    Hilary Walsh says:

    There are impacts but not all are negative and the long term result will be good for American business as long as we don’t fold up and quit like previous administrations. Previous administrations wagged their finger at China, and others, effectively saying, “no, no, no don’t do that it is very naughtly” then immediately turned around and bent over. Trump says “your trade practices are unfair” then backs it up with tarrifs, then says “You want to talk about it? Fine come on by we will see what we can work out”. For all the hope and change promised by past admins this one is the only one that says “we will not be walked on” and backs it up.

    No if they can get rid of ePacket small business will thrive. In the event you don’t know ePacket is a USPS funded postal discount to “poor developing” countries like China that allows Chinese business to send items under 5 pounds from Bejing to NYC for less than it costs someone or a business send 1 pound from Queens to Manhatten. This cost eventually falls on US tax payers and allows Chinese companies to out compete small US companies. Don’t give me that BS about the USPS being a private company with no funding from the government. Who pays the $5billion they lose every year? And they don’t pay property tax, sales tax, gas tax, business tax, etc. GET RID OF EPACKET! Contact the White House and your elected representatives.

  3. Shasta Michels
    Shasta Michels says:

    Great. My family has been farmers for generations. Trump starts a trade war that hurts farmers and then he has to bail them out, are we supposed to applaud him for bailing out people that he hurt to begin with?. He isn’t helping ANYONE. He manufactures the majority of his products overseas… He doesn’t care about American workers or farmers, he cares about making a profit for himself and other wealthy people.


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