Towels in US Marriott Hotels to Be Made in USA, American Made: What is it & Why It Matters

American Made: What is it & Why It Matters

American Made LabelHistorically there has been a lot of hype around the American made topic, but there is a heightened awareness in recent years, which has drawn more attention to this subject now more than ever. This is mostly due to reshoring by major manufacturers, the US Government with SelectUSA and STEM programs, and all of the issues we face with counterfeiting and sub-par products.

Almost every day I come across an article or look at a label that says, “Made in USA” or “American made.” Products I see with the Made in USA label range anywhere from batteries, hand tools, and hardware, to outdoor furniture and household appliances, to groceries and dog food — not to mention the Made in USA mandate for many government-driven programs. This is similar to every time I communicate with my wife and kids because whenever there is a lot of talk there are also a lot of misunderstandings, misstatements, and misconceptions.

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What exactly is American made and why it matters?

If we want to get technical, American made can mean many things. Is it South American made? North American made? Is it made in Mexico? What is it?

What exactly is Made in USA?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a product is made in the USA if it is “all or virtually all” made in the USA. What does “all or virtually all” mean? That phrase “means that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of US origin. That is, the product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content.” My interpretation is that, most importantly, you be honest. If it is made in the USA with domestic and imported components, say so. If it is manufactured in the USA and packaged in Mexico, say so. If it is designed and assembled in the USA but manufactured in China, say so.

Now on to the heart of the subject, why does it matter? Why should I care? I just want the best price … It matters more than we accept.

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Why it matters

  1. The manufacturing powerhouse After WWII, the US was almost 50% of the global economy, bringing manufacturing to its peak. During America’s manufacturing peak we produced 80% of the world’s automobiles. Almost all of the products we used were manufactured in the US. We manufactured steel, textiles, furniture, planes, appliances, and shoes, to name a few. Well, since 2001 more than 56,000 factories have left the US. Now, I am not suggesting every single product we use needs to be manufactured here in the US, but we need to be and remain the world’s manufacturing powerhouse.
  2. Manufacturing employs people — At its height, US manufacturing employed more than 19 million people. Over the last couple of decades, along with losing our factories, we have lost our jobs. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), manufacturing in the US currently employs just over 12 million people. Although losing more than 7 million jobs is alarming, what is more alarming is that, unlike the service sector, for every manufacturing job there are approximately 1.6 jobs created.  For example, in the film, The American Made Movie, we see the Louisville Slugger, an American made product supporting a great American tradition. In order to create one baseball bat, there are: loggers to cut trees, truck drivers to deliver them to the mill, mill workers to create billets, truck drivers to deliver them to the factory to manufacture the bats, marketers to market them and retailers to sell them. Manufacturing employs people.
  3. Manufacturing keeps the US competitive — According to the NAM review of National Science Foundation reports, manufacturers in the US perform two-thirds of all private sector R&D in the nation, driving more innovation than any other sector. Our engineers, techs, and science professionals keep us abreast of technologies, advancements, and developments.

What are your thoughts? Does it matter to you? Does it matter enough to consider a change? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: EBN Online

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12 replies
  1. Ronald S Rini
    Ronald S Rini says:

    here is a reason lots of job pay goes up and college grads can work some were else besides micky d . More taxes are collected . And the main reason is that china has so much of our money they can destroy our economy

  2. Don Mancuso
    Don Mancuso says:

    I was born in the early 1950's and grew up with the belief to buy Made in USA. I have done that all my life. Sure I bought foreign made goods to but my primary focus was Made in USA. Since jobs have been moving over seas I have been focusing more and going out of my way to buy Made in USA. We need to keep our fellow Countrymen and women working before worrying about the other side of the world and they should do the same. We need to take care of home first. Excessive imports weakens our economy and country and the United States of America is where the movement of liberty began so we need to remain strong to keep liberty moving until it envelopes the world. BUY MADE IN USA.

  3. Sam Brown
    Sam Brown says:

    My company makes 100% American made products. We ship our products to Europe and Asia. We are the worlds largest manufacturer of BOWLING BALLS.

    Our factory resides in Hopkinsville, KY. We have a UNION work force an our entire crew is good hard working Americans. I’m very proud to work for such a good company.

  4. Coco Vinny
    Coco Vinny says:

    Yes, it matters! There is price and there’s cost. You can save a couple of bucks on price but if it costs you your integrity, your neighbor’s job or quality, you’ll end up paying the ultimate price. Just yesterday our company just received our third party audit certification for 100% Made and manufactured in USA. It may have cost us a little time on the front end but we were able to negotiate and work with all the local vendors to ultimately beat the price and quality from the overseas manufacturers. We created the ultimate win-win and kept the jobs home. Sending everyone a happy and healthy Made in the USA Coco Luv salute!♥️

    Coco Vinny

  5. Terry
    Terry says:

    I agree with the statements above. Made in USA does NOT have to cost more than made elsewhere. Just work a little smarter and negotiate with suppliers and we all benefit and profitably compete with foreign suppliers. Added bonus: the pride of seeing that beautiful flag and “Made in USA” on your product. Priceless.

  6. Thomas Warren
    Thomas Warren says:

    I love that AMM exists! I consider myself a %100 pro American citizen and i hope to see AMM grow as much as possible!


    I too buy Made In USA for everything I need. I have owned 2 F=150, 1 Ranger, now I read Fords building a plant in Mexico so I will not be buying another ever from Ford. It matters to me because it means if more people buy AND demand made in the usa stuff we might be able to kick start manufacturing again AND if everyone involved stops the greed in big companies and if we don’t then we will no longer be the USA.


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