The What Works Project – What do you love that is Made in America?


The folks over at GOOD/Corps were in touch with us last night regarding this awesome opportunity for our followers.  First of all, we are excited that we are on their radar! Wooohooo- The Movement is spreading!  So keep doing what you are all doing… sharing our page and raising awareness.

What Works Project Overview
General Electric (GE) and GOOD/Corps would like to honor your efforts by inviting you and your community to submit photos of people, things and innovations you love that’s made in America to Celebrate What Works!

By participating in the What Works Project, you’ll have a chance to win $500! Your participation will be turned into donations for non-profit partners across the country that support job creation and training. There are several ways to participate and donate to the Non-Profit of the Week:

  • Submit a photo of what works in your world – the innovations, innovators, technologies, cutting-edge practices, machines, scientific discoveries, organizations and other features of life that work to advance America. For each submission, GE will donate $1 to our Non-Profit of the Week supporting American jobs.
  • Support all your favorite photos by pushing the heart in the upper-left corner. Every time you “Heart” a photo submission, GE will donate $1 to the Non-Profit of the Week.
  • Win. Each week five submissions that capture the spirit of the What Works Project weekly prompt will be selected by a Guest Judge, GE and GOOD/Corps to receive a $500 prize.

The deadline to submit is Sunday, April 8, at 8:59pm Pacific Standard Time.
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