The Made in America Movement Grows by 200% with Merger of Made in America Co.


The Made in America Movement announces the acquisition of Made in America Co. expanding its ability to tell the stories of 20,000 American sourced companies and help millions of consumers find the Made in USA products they are looking for every day.

“This merger will make it easier for consumers to find products Made in USA. Almost every major country has a country of origin labeling program with guidelines for one reason – consumers see value in knowing where their products are made. Years ago, consumers looked for the Made in USA label primarily as a sign of quality and as part of buy local campaigns to support the domestic economy. Today, consumers increasingly support companies making their products in the United States because of American consumer protection laws, federal safety standards, and to avoid regions that do not have the same worker safety, child protection, and environmental protections we have in the U.S. said Kurt Uhlir, Chairman of The Made in America Movement.

Made in America Co. is the world’s largest retailer of American-made products and the leading powerhouse promoter of American manufacturers and brands. Founded in 2013, the organization quickly grew to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers and create the nationally-recognized #BuyAmericanDay, a one-day-only social holiday and global shopping event which exclusively promotes American-made products. In 2017, the organization joined Bromwell, Inc. to continue its mission during its next stage of growth.

The Made in America Movement team is world-class, and is passionate about the same thing we are – celebrating USA-based companies and the families that rely on them.”, said Deagan Williams, Founder of Made in America Co.

“Bromwell, Inc. is grateful to have been able to steward the organization during these last few years and is excited to see The Made in America Movement team continue the growth as part of its mission. We have supported their efforts for years and look forward to doing so into the future, said Sean Bandawat, President at Bromwell, Inc.

The Made In America Movement was founded out of a passion to see more jobs come back to America. “To make it as America, we have to make it in America. Bringing the Made in America Co. community into our organization will serve to grow consumer awareness of brands that manufacture in the U.S.A. and will help these companies grow,” said Margarita Mendoza, CEO and Founder of The Made in America Movement.

Learn more about The Made in America Movement on their website and find a list of American Made Businesses.

About The Made in America Movement 
The Made in America Movement is the leading independent, non-partisan, objective organization dedicated to promoting American businesses and the families that rely on them. The Made In America Movement was founded in 2009 out of a passion to see more jobs come back to The United States of America. Today, MAM represents 20,000 American sourced companies, has 520,000 active consumer members, and has become the leading source to find more brands Made in USA.

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    Our company is an American based manufacturing company with the unique distinction of making the ONLY full body massage chairs that are qualified as made in the USA. In our category, EVERY OTHER MASSAGE CHAIR ON THE MARKET is an import from Asia.

    We are very proud to be American manufacturers and would like to know more about the Made in America Movement!

  2. susan Tancer
    susan Tancer says:

    Proud to be Made in America and part of your movement. My one-of-a-kind hand-painted and signed original bags are 100% made in the USA and all ingredients used in production are also made in the USA. Please check out my American flag clutches, totes and cross body’s. Much thanks for all you do to promote Made in America products!!

  3. Linda Andrews
    Linda Andrews says:

    I live on the border of British Columbia and Washington State. I always look for Made in the USA ! I’m very willing to spend more for Made in the USA.

    Thank you,


  4. Pride In America
    Pride In America says:

    American made products are generally of a better quality than imports. They also support workers and companies in the US. Support our country and buy more products that are made in the USA.


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