New Manufacturing Plant in Blueridge, GA

Diamond Gusset is proud to announce that it has moved all its production to a new 27,000 square foot facility. It is a modern, clean facility that offers a great working environment. Much of the equipment has been updated.As this facility is also located in Blue Ridge GA., we were able to retain all existing employees and we are in the process of increasing our workforce.
100% American Made Quality Since 1987
Connect with Diamond Gusset
Diamond Gusset jean Company was founded in 1987 to develop an entirely new jean concept utilizing a gusset for extra durability and enhanced comfort.Since that time, we’ve seen many changes in the apparel industry, and by most accounts we should have disappeared along with many other companies that have struggled so hard to survive in this global economy. But instead of survive, we are actually growing stronger now more than ever, and while most companies have gone offshore, merged, or have been totally eliminated, we’ve managed to grow on our foundations. Those foundations are simple….we provide the most comfortable jean available while keeping one eye on history and the other on careful craftsmanship and continual improvement. This combination of tradition and innovation is one key why our customers are our best supporters of brand growth by continually providing vital “ word of mouth “ advertising for us.Peoples needs really haven’t changed that much, but it seems that while other companies seem to be chasing dollars, we have remained focused on the goal….THE PRODUCT, and besides, what’s the point in running a company if you can’t be proud of how you operate? We were taught long ago that if you mind your business well, and provide a great AMERICAN product, then the rest will follow…and you know, life is too short as it is…so why compromise? We don’t and we don’t think you should either.Our vow to stay 100% American Made has struck a nerve with the American psyche. It is a great feeling to walk into our production facility and see all the happy smiles and feel a sense purpose knowing we are part of the solution America is now facing.

David & Todd Hall

Diamond Gusset is a proud supporting member of The Made in America Movement  
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  1. Jennifer Essad
    Jennifer Essad says:

    this is really the best news for our Country, thank you for staying USA made. I hope you have the best welcome here


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