How to Revitalize U.S. Manufacturing

How to Revitalize U.S. Manufacturing

Manufacturing – Nine policies that could spark new growth in factory jobs and the economic benefits they bring.

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China buying its way into the USA

China Is Buying Its Way Into the U.S. Economy

The concept of “Made in America” is slowly giving way to “Made by China … in America,” as Chinese investors are increasingly snatching up U.S.-based companies and assets and raising the eyebrows of some regulators and market spectators. Read more

Chinese Made Cars Arrive in U.S. Showrooms, Will U.S. Get Buick Made in China?

Chinese Made Cars Arrive in U.S. Showrooms

A PEEK under the hood of three new cars from Volvo, Buick and Cadillac will not reveal a Made in China label. But those cars are breaking new ground in the auto industry, becoming the first to be manufactured in the People’s Republic and exported to the United States. Read more

With Yuan Move, China Takes U-Turn, Devaluation comes as officials worry economy is slumping faster than Beijing anticipated

Yuan Devaluation: Officials Worry Economy Slumping Faster Than Anticipated

Less than three months before China shocked markets with a surprise devaluation of its currency, a top Chinese exchange-rate official told a closed-door gathering that Beijing had no need for such a dramatic move. Read more

As Currency War Erupts, Investors Buy American

The U.S. economy is facing a predicament the Federal Reserve didn’t anticipate — a stronger than expected U.S. dollar.  Investors are encouraged to Buy American. Read more

The rise of 'Made by China' in America

The Rise of ‘Made by China’ in America

Later this year along the banks of the James River outside Richmond, Virginia, a paper products maker based in northeastern China will begin construction on a new U.S. manufacturing plant. The factory will churn the region’s straw and corn stalks into household products including napkins, tissue and organic fertilizer—all marked “Made in the USA.” Made by China, in America.

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With Exports Rising, US Cities Expand Their Global Footprint

With exports rising, US cities expand their global footprint

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Jack Brown Produce workers sort apples on a packing line in Sparta, Mich. The state, a big exporter of agricultural goods, is among U.S. regions raising its export profile.

It’s well-known American jobs have been lost to overseas competition. While work on U.S. manufacturing floors has declined, overseas markets have developed a growing appetite for American-made goods—from chemicals and wood products, to medical devices.

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