How The Decline of Manufacturing Is Undermining American Marriages

How The Decline of Manufacturing Is Undermining American Marriages

President Donald Trump, like many politicians before him, has an obsession with boosting the American manufacturing sector – a part of the job market that has largely been on the decline since the 1980s. That obsession endures among many voters, too, even though factory jobs are unlikely to return to their former glory because of increased competition from foreign exporters and increased automation.

Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Too many American companies base decisions about how to source manufacturing largely on narrow financial criteria, never taking into account the potential strategic value of domestic locations. Proposals for plants are treated like any other investment proposal and subjected to strict return hurdles. Tax, regulatory, intellectual property, and political considerations may also figure heavily in the conversation. But executives, viewing manufacturing mainly as a cost center, give short shrift to the impact that outsourcing or offshoring it may have on a company’s capacity to innovate. Indeed, most don’t consider manufacturing to be part of a company’s innovation system at all.

Sustainable: Why and How Every Fashion Business Can Be One

Sustainable: Why and How Every Fashion Business Can Be One

I think every brand out there should be a sustainable brand. If you’re not thinking about the future, especially the future outside of just your fashion brand, you shouldn’t be taking on the responsibility of creating products; the impact your work has on this earth is undeniable.

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Project TEACH – A STEM Workshop For KIDS

A group is seeking your help! Project TEACH will plant the seed of possibilities within disadvantaged and/or underrepresented students, igniting change within the Bronx Community. These changes will create future professional leaders within STEM fields. (STEM = science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Did You Know? There are 14,974* Professional Engineers in New York State. As of July 1, 2015, the Bronx holds a mere 168 Professional Engineers compared to nearby counties: (*Source: NYSED) New York City: 1,008 Queens: 1,316 Westchester: 1,054 Suffolk: 1,278 Nassau: 1,584 (This is just one example of the offset within geographic areas in a STEM profession.) How Can You Help Support the “Project TEACH” workshop! The workshop will be offered to students within the Bronx community, attending primary schools (ages...

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