Born in the USA! But are they still Made in the USA? what's made in usa, what's not made in usa. USA Made Quiz

Born in the USA! But are they still Made in the USA?

Can you tell if something is Made in USA?

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Americans Willing to Pay More For Products With a Made In USA Label

Meet the NEW Made in Michigan Ford Truck, which trucks are Made in usa, which truck is made in america, which truck is american made

Meet the NEW Made in Michigan Ford Truck

A V8-Powered, Manual, Lifted, Jeep-Slaying 2020 Ford Truck! Read more

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The Made in America Product Showcase at The White House

The 2nd Annual Made in America Product Showcase at The White House is about to begin and we are proud to see several MAM Members and Supporters are included, yet again! Read more

Gordon Brush, Footmate System, Made in USA skincare, made in america skincare, made in usa footcare, made in america footcare, foot spa, pedicure, foot massage

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co. Inc. Wins 2018 MADE: In America Award™

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. announced today that the Company is the 2018 winner of the MADE: In America Award. The award will be presented on Monday, July 3 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to company President and CEO Ken Rakusin. The award will be presented by Congressman and Democratic House Whip, Steny Hoyer (MD-5), in the inaugural All American Room, making its national debut in the Rayburn House Office Building Foyer. Read more

Made in USA: The Most American-Made Vehicles Are, vehicle, made in usa cars, american made cars,

Made in USA: The 2017 Most American-Made Vehicles Are…

In the United States, American-made products are highly regarded, with good reason, as they obviously boost the local economy as opposed to foreign-made products. However, are all the domestic-brand vehicles really assembled with components sourced from the United States? That’s what the Kogod School of Business figured out. Read more

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American Made Men’s Clothing and Accessories

WASHINGTON ALLEY is a one-stop-shop for American made men’s clothing and accessories. We are passionate about sharing our brand and other brands that align with our lifestyle and values. The goal is to put all of the best and most unique American made products on one website. Giving our customers the confidence that WASHINGTON ALLEY will only offer them American made products that align with the highest of product values.  Read more

2017 HR and Recruiting Report

2017 Human Resources & Recruiting Report

The Made in America Movement reached out to 25,000+ HR professionals and 17,000+ executives for our 2017 HR and Recruiting Survey. Thank you to all recruiters, HR professionals and executives that participated in our 2017 survey. We could not provide such an incredible resource without your continued support.

2017 HR and Recruiting Report - download pdfMAM created this year’s survey to find out how much productivity and financial waste was occurring due to traditional interviewing processes. The 2017 report dives deeply into the questions and facts organizations need to ask to hire the best efficiently.

If you participated in the survey, you should receive an email with the report summary at no charge. If you are just finding out about the report, please click here to download the 2017 HR and Recruiting Report summary.

Thank you to our partner TopPick, the New Digital Interview Kit, for supporting the 2017 survey. This year’s effort was a huge undertaking for the MAM team. We reached out to more than 42,000 professionals at thousands of companies across America. These companies included high-growth 30 person teams to companies with 2,000+ employees from industries including B2B Services, B2B SAAS, hospitality, consulting and more. It’s great to see the next generation of technology not supporting MAM but also being built in Atlanta.

Made in America - Flag in Barn

What Mike Rowe, Kurt Uhlir, John Ratzenberger and Toby Keith say about Made in America

We were blessed to be included in the 2016 USA Today Manufacturing & Skills in America Campaign, reaching 750,000 print readers across USA Today, FABTECH 2016 and Manufacturing Day as well as 3M+ readers online. Below are links to some of the articles. Thanks for sharing.

Kurt Uhlir

Patriotic Spending Has a Bigger Impact Than You Realize

Many Americans love the idea of buying products and technology made in America over imports. But buying American made products may be more than a feel-good choice.


Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe Debunks the Myth of a Modern Manufacturing Job

The former host of “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” weighs in on the education and career paths Americans often overlook and, too often, do not travel, let alone encourage.


Why the Trades Matter Now More Than Ever

The educational elite got it wrong: eliminating shop classes has had an epic effect on the economy, industry, crime and our children’s futures.


Toby Keith on Looking Past the “Made in America” Label

Country music icon Toby Keith breaks down what he believes in and what he fights for: American products, made in America.


Why America Needs More Skilled Manufacturing Workers

Augmented reality isn’t only reserved for video-game players, like the millions searching to capture Pokémon creatures on their cell phones.


How to Fix America’s Manufacturing Skills-Gap

According to political candidates, America needs more good-paying jobs. Fortunately, manufacturing is creating them. Now we need the skilled workers to take up the challenge.
by Jennifer McNelly, Executive Director, The Manufacturing Institute and Jay Timmons President and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers

Special thanks to Mediaplanet and USA Today for their continued support of The Made in America Movement and thousands of American Made companies.

Towels in US Marriott Hotels to Be Made in USA, American Made: What is it & Why It Matters

American Made: What is it & Why It Matters

American Made LabelHistorically there has been a lot of hype around the American made topic, but there is a heightened awareness in recent years, which has drawn more attention to this subject now more than ever. This is mostly due to reshoring by major manufacturers, the US Government with SelectUSA and STEM programs, and all of the issues we face with counterfeiting and sub-par products.

Almost every day I come across an article or look at a label that says, “Made in USA” or “American made.” Products I see with the Made in USA label range anywhere from batteries, hand tools, and hardware, to outdoor furniture and household appliances, to groceries and dog food — not to mention the Made in USA mandate for many government-driven programs. This is similar to every time I communicate with my wife and kids because whenever there is a lot of talk there are also a lot of misunderstandings, misstatements, and misconceptions.

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What exactly is American made and why it matters?

If we want to get technical, American made can mean many things. Is it South American made? North American made? Is it made in Mexico? What is it?

What exactly is Made in USA?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a product is made in the USA if it is “all or virtually all” made in the USA. What does “all or virtually all” mean? That phrase “means that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of US origin. That is, the product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content.” My interpretation is that, most importantly, you be honest. If it is made in the USA with domestic and imported components, say so. If it is manufactured in the USA and packaged in Mexico, say so. If it is designed and assembled in the USA but manufactured in China, say so.

Now on to the heart of the subject, why does it matter? Why should I care? I just want the best price … It matters more than we accept.

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Why it matters

  1. The manufacturing powerhouse After WWII, the US was almost 50% of the global economy, bringing manufacturing to its peak. During America’s manufacturing peak we produced 80% of the world’s automobiles. Almost all of the products we used were manufactured in the US. We manufactured steel, textiles, furniture, planes, appliances, and shoes, to name a few. Well, since 2001 more than 56,000 factories have left the US. Now, I am not suggesting every single product we use needs to be manufactured here in the US, but we need to be and remain the world’s manufacturing powerhouse.
  2. Manufacturing employs people — At its height, US manufacturing employed more than 19 million people. Over the last couple of decades, along with losing our factories, we have lost our jobs. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), manufacturing in the US currently employs just over 12 million people. Although losing more than 7 million jobs is alarming, what is more alarming is that, unlike the service sector, for every manufacturing job there are approximately 1.6 jobs created.  For example, in the film, The American Made Movie, we see the Louisville Slugger, an American made product supporting a great American tradition. In order to create one baseball bat, there are: loggers to cut trees, truck drivers to deliver them to the mill, mill workers to create billets, truck drivers to deliver them to the factory to manufacture the bats, marketers to market them and retailers to sell them. Manufacturing employs people.
  3. Manufacturing keeps the US competitive — According to the NAM review of National Science Foundation reports, manufacturers in the US perform two-thirds of all private sector R&D in the nation, driving more innovation than any other sector. Our engineers, techs, and science professionals keep us abreast of technologies, advancements, and developments.

What are your thoughts? Does it matter to you? Does it matter enough to consider a change? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: EBN Online

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