Made in USA furniture, wood decor, and accessories

Beaufort Home Store

We are a Made in USA furniture and accessories store selling only American made products. Many of the products are made in North Carolina by us. And some are made by artists and manufacturers around the country. We manufacture the Beaufort brand of products including a variety of wood decor and furniture.

Great American Days

Great American Days

Great American Days is America’s leading provider of exciting and inspirational experience gifts for every budget, taste and occasion, making America’s dreams come true since 2004. From balloon rides to spa days, gourmet tours to nascar stock car racing, we make America’s dreams come true. We take America’s most amazing experiences and turn them into incredibly great gifts., Made in USA, Made in America, American made

I Buy American Store

Connecting consumers to American-made products. The website allows you to select a department where you’ll find various company descriptions and links to their website, where you can purchase your American-made product directly from the manufacturer.

The New England Trading Company

The New England Trading Company offers unique handcrafted gifts that are Made in the USA. We work with artisans to bring you a selection of unique, handcrafted gifts. From salvaged sail tote bags, recycled lobster rope doormats, bowls made from reclaimed cherry, gourmet foods, to cutting boards, and more.

Field Day Wearables, field day is a small indie clothing label born out of Oakland California. Our mission is to create an ecologically friendly, handmade, unique and beautiful world. Striving to minimize textile waste by offering wearables made from sustainable materials.

field day wearables

field day is a small indie clothing label born out of Oakland California. Our mission is to create an ecologically friendly, handmade, unique and beautiful world. Striving to minimize textile waste by offering wearables made from sustainable materials. Completely conscious clothing with a emphasis on longevity, durability, style, design and flattery.

Mius Collection

We are an innovative online retailer specializing in affordable women’s fashion from American designers and manufacturers. Our products are for a woman who is stylish, yet socially conscious of ecological impact and local industry sustainability.

Common Good Market

We offer a selection of high quality sustainable andeco-friendly products for the home made in the USA by New England artisans andc rafts-people, using sustainable, eco-friendly practices, and raw materials from within our region or sourced from within the United States.

Citizen Native

Citizen Native brings purpose back to purchasing. We curate quality goods with a passion to bring the best American made, sustainable and philanthropic options while featuring designer’s stories and inspiration.

Nates American Made Store, ONLINE RESOURCE for Buying American Made Products and Blogging about the state of America's business practices. Made in USA, Made in America

Nate’s American Made

Nate’s American Made Store was created as a single source where you can find American made products. We carry only products that are made here in the U.S.A. Our goods are made by your neighbors and friends in communities just like yours.

Cedar Creek Merchantile

We offer a selection of lighting, kitchen & home goods. Products on our site are either American Made, or from recycled or sustainable materials. The recycled or sustainable products are usually handcrafted or designed in the USA.

Made with Certified Organic Ingredients, Made in USA skin care, American made skin care, ethically made skin care, sustainably made skin care, Natural, Artisan Crafted, Wild crafted, Made in Hawaii, Locally Harvested Ingredients, Spa, Hand Made, Food for the Skin, Paradise, Authentic, Plant Based, Supporting Local, meet the makers

Hawaiian Body Products

Family owned and operated business in Hawaii since 2005. We manufacture wholesale and retail premium natural and organic Hawaiian plant based beauty and wellness products using locally sourced ingredients. Our focus is to support local farmers and community organizations, schools and small businesses.

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Is There A Made in USA iPhone in Our Future, Apple iPhone, can trump bring the iphone back to the USA, made in usa cell phone, american made cell phone, foxconn, Foxconn, Apple May Set Up Manufacturing Plant in USA

Foxconn, Apple May Set Up Manufacturing Plant in USA

Key iPhone assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry is mulling a joint investment with Apple topping $7 billion for a highly automated display facility in the U.S., Chairman Terry Gou said Sunday. Read more

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Stanley Black & Decker To Open Plant In The USA

Stanley Black & Decker To Open U.S. Plant

One of the nation’s best-known toolmakers, Stanley Black & Decker, said Thursday that it will move more manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas, including construction of a new $35 million factory after acquiring the Craftsman brand from ailing retailer Sears Holdings. Read more

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