3 Ways Video is Transforming Hiring in America Today

3 Ways Video Is Transforming Hiring in America Today

The US economy is booming in the US right now with unemployment rates falling to the lowest since 1969, and in many parts of the country, it is difficult for companies to find quality employees to hire – from skilled jobs to hourly workers to technical talent and programmers.

This article will share 3 ways forward-thinking companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are using video messaging to make hiring easier in today’s war for talent. These tips work for large companies and small 20 person teams. These tips can be adopted by the entire company or a single recruiter looking to boost their performance this year.

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The 7 Best Real Estate Tools

The 7 Best Real Estate Tools for Top Producing Agents in 2020 + 12 More to Consider

Welcome to the ultimate list of real estate tools that you should be using to grow your business in 2020.

We did our first real estate tools and software report in 2019 by asking more than 10,000 top producing agents what they were using to grow their businesses.

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Man doing real estate property search on ipad using Showcase IDX

(Real Estate News) Marketing and Innovation Executive Joins Showcase IDX as Chief Marketing Officer

2017 HR and Recruiting Report

2017 Human Resources & Recruiting Report

The Made in America Movement reached out to 25,000+ HR professionals and 17,000+ executives for our 2017 HR and Recruiting Survey. Thank you to all recruiters, HR professionals and executives that participated in our 2017 survey. We could not provide such an incredible resource without your continued support.

2017 HR and Recruiting Report - download pdfMAM created this year’s survey to find out how much productivity and financial waste was occurring due to traditional interviewing processes. The 2017 report dives deeply into the questions and facts organizations need to ask to hire the best efficiently.

If you participated in the survey, you should receive an email with the report summary at no charge. If you are just finding out about the report, please click here to download the 2017 HR and Recruiting Report summary.

Thank you to our partner TopPick, the New Digital Interview Kit, for supporting the 2017 survey. This year’s effort was a huge undertaking for the MAM team. We reached out to more than 42,000 professionals at thousands of companies across America. These companies included high-growth 30 person teams to companies with 2,000+ employees from industries including B2B Services, B2B SAAS, hospitality, consulting and more. It’s great to see the next generation of technology not supporting MAM but also being built in Atlanta.

Is There A Made in USA iPhone in Our Future, Apple iPhone, can trump bring the iphone back to the USA, made in usa cell phone, american made cell phone, foxconn, Foxconn, Apple May Set Up Manufacturing Plant in USA

American Made Cell Phone: Is Apple Considering A Made in USA iPhone?

The world’s largest contract assembler of consumer electronics, including the Apple iPhone, says it’s in talks to invest in a US assembly, responding to Trump’s tweets to bring jobs home. Read more

Aging workforce putting strain on skilled manufacturing workers, Made in USA, American made matters, Made in America

Skills Gap: Aging Workforce Puts Strain on Skilled Manufacturing Workers

General Electric runs two plants in a small New Hampshire town just south of the state’s capital, employing 800 workers. GE Aviation is the largest employer in town, with skilled workers building jet engines for the world’s major airlines, reports ABC News. Read more

Made In America: $75 Million Grant Helps Students Gain Technical Skills Employers Need

Made In America: $75 Million Grant Helps Students Gain Technical Skills Employers Need

When you back up a commitment with $75 million, people tend to pay attention. I’m certainly paying attention to New Skills for Youth (NSFY), the $75 million grant initiative sponsored by JPMorgan Chase to change the way we approach career and technical education in the U.S. Read more

Education: 5 Ways to Inspire the Next Generation of Manufacturers

Education: 5 Ways to Inspire the Next Generation of Manufacturers

HIGHER EDUCATION The importance of manufacturing to our economic well-being is not a mystery to the manufacturing industry. But how can we get today’s youth to see the value of a manufacturing career? Read more

Look Out China, US Manufacturing is Headed for No. 1

Look Out China, US Manufacturing is Headed for No. 1

Advanced manufacturing technologies are helping to push the United States back toward being the most competitive manufacturing nation in the world, according to a new survey of global CEOs and other senior executives. Read more

Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Does America Really Need Manufacturing?

Too many American companies base decisions about how to source manufacturing largely on narrow financial criteria, never taking into account the potential strategic value of domestic locations. Proposals for plants are treated like any other investment proposal and subjected to strict return hurdles. Tax, regulatory, intellectual property, and political considerations may also figure heavily in the conversation. But executives, viewing manufacturing mainly as a cost center, give short shrift to the impact that outsourcing or offshoring it may have on a company’s capacity to innovate. Indeed, most don’t consider manufacturing to be part of a company’s innovation system at all. Read more