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As Overseas Costs Rise, More U.S. Companies Are 'Reshoring'

Paul Gibson works on the Geo-Spring hybrid water heater at General Electric’s Louisville, Ky., plant. For many years, GE outsourced manufacturing of the water heater to a company in China. But in 2009, it decided to bring production back to the U.S. | Photo Credit: Jackie Northam/NPR For decades, American companies have been sending their […]


Turn America’s Job Prospects Around Through Reshoring

Workers at a Foxconn plant assemble electronic circuit boards (AFP) Reversing a Decade of Job Losses What does a manufacturer do when it’s struggling with excessive costs?  One of the most common reactions in recent years has been to pack up and move to another country or continent where it can bring its costs of […]


US Manufacturers ‘Reshoring’ From China

American companies are increasingly “reshoring” manufacturing operations from China to the US, according to a survey of executives. The shift reflects China’s ebbing competitive advantage as a low-cost manufacturing centre after years of rapid wage inflation and points to rising employment in US manufacturing, even though official data have shown little growth over […]


Reshoring Manufacturing: American Companies Moving Back To USA

A growing number of American companies are moving their manufacturing back to the United States IN 2005, A START-UP company from California called ET Water Systems decided to move its manufacturing operations to China. At the time there was a general exodus to Asia in search of lower costs, […]


Reshoring: When Jobs Come Back Home

Reposted from Sometime during the past decade, when most everyone was focused on inflating the housing bubble, I was called into a senior manager’s office.  My employer was planning to move an assembly line to Mexico and thought I would be a great manager for the project. As the executive […]


Benefits of Reshoring-Bringing Manufacturing Back to the USA

When manufacturing jobs move overseas we wondered if total landed costs are considered and if there is now an argument for bringing manufacturing back to the USA. This logistics practice is known commonly as “reshoring.” Our theme for the month of July is the United States or for all of you Bruce Springsteen fans – “Born in the […]


Apparel Manufacturing Reshoring to USA

Workers cut and sew garments at Karen Kane’s manufacturing facility in Los Angeles. (Photo: Greg Cox, YouLookFab) A small but growing number of clothing designers and retailers are bringing some production back to the U.S. The firms cite rising labor costs, poor quality and long lead times in China. […]


Is Reshoring a Myth or Reality?

Michele Nash-Hoff When I first started talking about saving America manufacturing and returning manufacturing to America four years ago after the first edition of my book, Can American Manufacturing be Saved? Why we should and how we can, came out, I was met with a great deal of skepticism. Some typical comments were:  “I don’t think […]

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